At First Fulshear, people from all walks of life find a means of connection to God through worship and music here.  In our traditional services, we value the rich, diverse heritage of Christian music.  What a gift to our children and youth as we share the ever relevant, timeless texts and melodies of the ages.  The great hymns of the faith are such treasures as we offer them as our praise and prayers, acknowledging the unique value of cultivated expression in worship.  Also, alongside our traditional hymnody, one will discover well-crafted variety through contemporary and modern songs, spirituals and gospel music, world and roots music renderings, and so much more on any given Sunday in worship.  Live instrumental accompaniment adorns the song of the gathered, including any combination of organ and piano, brass ensemble, acoustic guitar and djembe, flute, recorder, oboe, string quintet, and the list continues.
In our contemporary services, music is current, relevant and fresh with its style, with inspiration from resources as Hillsong, Israel Houghton, Chris Tomlin and many others.  With our contemporary band and singers, worship is always full of life and is causal in form.  Media plays a key role as video and visual effects aid worshipers in experiencing a modern presentation of the message.

One of the most unique characteristics of our church is its zeal for music and worship.  Each week there is something meaningful to be experienced.  Whether you’re considering a visit to a worship service or are interested in becoming a part of one of our musical ensembles or ministry teams, know that with warm hearts we welcome you.